Mr. Rice is the principal of a major civil litigation law firm for the western suburbs. He has obtained settlements and verdicts in thousands of cases, representing those who have been seriously injured and those who have been sued. The following are examples:

Plaintiff's litigation

  1. An eighteen year old boy was ejected from a car and suffered a closed head injury, affecting his cognitive abilities. The defendant denied liability. The case was settled for $1.1 million.
  2. A fifty year old divorced woman brought suit for soft tissue injuries from an automobile collision. The claimant had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since her teens, and the defendant blamed her injuries upon her arthritis, not the accident. The defendant offered to settle for $150,000.00, so the case went to trial. The jury awarded the plaintiff $450,000.
  3. The claimants entrusted their 15 month old daughter to the defendant for day care. On the day at issue, the baby became non-responsive. The defendant denied any liability, and there were no witnesses. The parents brought the claim for Shaken Baby Syndrome. The insurance carrier for the defendant settled for $630,000 for this wrongful death suit.
  4. The male claimant age 57 a suburban city employee brought suit against the manufacturer of a company that made salt spreaders, alleging the device was defective and caused him a partial loss of a limb. On the eve of trial, the defendant went from an offer of nothing to settle, to increasing offers, which eventually settled the case for $950,000.00.
  5. The father of two teenage boys turned left in an intersection and was broadsided by a semi-tractor trailer. The claim was brought by the boys against the semi-tractor trailer company; the boys sustained closed head injuries and other injuries as well. The defendant offered $150,000 to settle the case and the jury awarded one of the largest verdicts in the history of DuPage County. Subsequent to appeal, the case settled for $2.7 million.
  6. A 12 year old boy got into a scuffle with a 14 year old, and the 14 year old threw a baseball bat toward the 12 year old. The bat struck the 12 year old in the eye resulting in enucleation and prosthetic care and treatment. The case settled for the minor in the amount of $500,000.00.
  7. A 72 year old female plaintiff was broadsided by another vehicle at an intersection in DuPage County. She sustained a left rib fracture, liver and spleen lacerations, pelvic fractures, and descending aortic dissections. Plaintiff recovered within sixty days of the occurrence, and the case settled for $900,000.00.
  8. A 49 year old man was killed in a head-on collision where the driver of a semi-tractor trailer crossed the center line. The client's estate claimed the semi-tractor trailer was not adequately maintained.
    The defendant's insurance carrier, when all coverage was exhausted, provided $1.5 million of coverage. The coverage was denied, and due to the tractor-trailer's insolvency, the matter was actually tried before the bankruptcy court to determine value. The bankruptcy court rendered a value of $8 million, and subsequently, the underlying insurance carrier and the underinsured carrier paid their maximum limits.
  9. A male drywaller, age 33, claimed that defective scaffolding caused an injury which resulted in a herniated disc at L5-S1 with fusion and discectomy. Medical bills totaled $53,480.00 with a potential lost wage claim. The matter settled for $977,455.00.
  10. A 55 year old male was proceeding eastbound at an intersection in DuPage County, Illinois, when an individual turned left in front of him. He sustained an injury to his ankle which required a fusion. Medical bills were in the area of $75,000.00 with potential future lost earnings. This case was settled for $1,250,000.00.

Defense litigation

  1. The plaintiff claimed that a contractor modified a power lift for construction bricks. The bricks fell from the lift and crushed the plaintiff, causing permanent disability. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant, finding the plaintiff assumed the risk of injury (this being after the plaintiff demanded $1.5 million to settle).
  2. The plaintiff claimed that a construction company was negligent by failing to provide adequate scaffolding for a job site. This five-day trial concluded with the plaintiff requesting more than $2 million, and the jury returning a not guilty verdict.
  3. A thirty-two year old man fell at a condominium association causing severe injuries to his leg requiring surgery that resulted in fusion of his ankle. The plaintiff asked the jury for over $900,000, and the jury awarded nothing.
  4. In one of the first cases tried on the basis of strict product liability in DuPage County in twenty years, the plaintiff claimed his lawn mower was defective and severed his foot. Mr. Rice's client, the lawn mower manufacturer, offered $100,000 on the day of trial to settle the case, but the plaintiff demanded $2 million. The jury deliberated ten minutes and returned a verdict for the manufacturer.